About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Strategy
We employ a multi-faceted strategy that includes prudent organic and acquisition growth, conservative underwriting, pricing discipline, superior technological capabilities, efficient operations and conservative investing. This strategy allows us to achieve our longstanding goal to outperform the property and casualty insurance industry in terms of service and profitability.

Our Insurance Products
We’re committed to consistently delivering excellent insurance coverage and competitive prices. We provide an outstanding combination of price and product, often providing qualified customers added insurance protection that is either not offered by other insurance companies or only available at an additional charge.

Claims Service
We understand the importance of delivering outstanding claims service. That’s why we focus on handling claims efficiently and fairly. When you choose us to provide your insurance coverage, you’re counting on us to be there when it matters most... and we deliver.

Donegal Insurance Group & the Independent Agent
The Donegal Insurance Group fully supports the independent agency system, because we believe you should have the power of choice. Independent agents are familiar with a wide array of insurance companies and their products. That means they can help find the company and insurance that’s right for you. We believe in our products and our service, and we’re confident in our ability to compete with any insurance provider – national or regional.